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i. Grant of approval for filing of appeals/references before High Courts and CPLAs before the Supreme Court

ii. Coordinate with field offices to ensure representation, filing of para-wise comments, and pursuing litigation in various courts.

iii. Coordinate with field offices and FTO office to ensure submission of reports to FTO. implementation of FTO recommendations, filing of representation before the President and review before the FTO.

iv. Coordinate with Law Division and Attorney General of Pakistan.

v. Matters relating to placement of advocates on panel of FBR, appointment of advocates/ASCs and AORs, monitoring of performance of panel advocates/legal advisors and their professional fee and special fee.

vi. Maintain and update list of pending cases before the Supreme Court and High Courts through Appeal Management Processing System and Litigation Management System.

vii. Monitor performance of Task Forces constituted for the purpose of liquidation of sub-judice cases before the Supreme Court and High Courts.

viii. Monitor performance of CsIR (A) and Collectors (A) and rationalize their work load.

ix. Circulate important judgments of courts to the field offices and place the same on web.

x. Exercise powers and perform functions of the Board under the provisions of Sales Tax Act 1990, Income Tax Ordinance 2001 and Federal Excise Act 2005. as delegated by the Board.

xi. Perform any other duty or task assigned by the Chairman, FBR.

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